Major Reasons Why Your Roof is Leaking

Compared to a bothersome “drip drop” from your ceiling, a leaking roof can result in more trouble since it can damage your roof deck and attic insulation, which could result in the development of mildew and mold and reduced energy efficiency. Roof leaks can occur because of many causes, all of which will need an expert roofing contractor’s immediate assistance and roof repair Miramar services. Listed below are a few common reasons why roof leak happens.


Roofing holes are apparent entryways for water. Nothing can keep the water from flowing into your house. Holes can take place over time when you do not maintain your roof. Moreover, they can suddenly take place when something hits your roofing. One more possible reason holes exist when you remove objects from your roof, such as taking down a satellite dish or an old antenna, leaving holes behind.

Backing out roofing nails

Aside from roof shingles, the nails of your roof can back out sometimes, leaving tiny holes that water can get through quickly, mainly if it is near to the edge of the roof where rain driven by wind can enter. Commonly, such tiny holes are not that obvious to the untrained eye. However, professional roofers can spot it right away should you have it checked. You can help with premature roof replacement or avoid paying for more significant repair costs when you spot this problem early on.

Cracked rubber boots

Anything protruding from the roof needs a rubber “boot” that works like flashing by securing the area where it intersects the roof. When this boot is exposed to outside conditions continually, it’ll eventually crack. And thus, you should have it replaced asap. Timely repairs and regular materials can help detect these issues and keep your roof from leaking.

Rotting, cracked, or loose shingles

When your roof is already around the age of 20-30, you may observe indicators of aging like rotting or cracking. In other instances, such shingles may be loose and eventually drop to the ground. Once the outer layer is weakened, it’ll expose the underlayment open because constant sun and wind exposure can make the layers wear away and causes the formation of leaks in the end. When your roof is experiencing this issue, it would be best to get it checked by a professional roofer.

Chances are your roofing may require repairs, which will certainly cost less. And when repairs are executed well, it can help your roof to have a more prolonged life. This is sufficient time to get ready for a roof replacement schedule.

Dislodged or damaged flashing

The flashing refers to a metal piece covering any spots and valleys where the roof intercepts a vertical surface, such as dormers and walls. When dislodged or damaged by strong winds, this could cause the roof breaks to be exposed, making it easier for rainwater to reach inside. Fortunately, you can help reduce leaks due to flashing issues if you have damaged or dislodged flashing repaired from time to time.